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Amber Nova

Amber Flora, also known in the wrestling world as Amber Nova, hails from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and has made a name for herself as an American professional wrestler. Her journey through the wrestling industry has seen her grapple in prominent organizations such as WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, and across international rings in London, South Africa, and Panama.


Beyond the ring, Amber is deeply passionate about classic muscle cars, a tribute to her roots as the daughter of a mechanic. Her prized possession is a 1973 Chevy Nova, symbolizing her love for automotive strength and beauty. As a former EMT, Amber combines her knowledge of mechanics and her commitment to safety and adrenaline-fueled action.


Amber is on a mission to break stereotypes surrounding women and muscle cars. She envisions creating unique opportunities within any company, introducing a character never before seen in and out of the wrestling ring. Amber Nova isn't just a wrestler; she's a revolution on wheels.


**Are you ready for a tune-up?**

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