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Deisi Del Toro

Deisi Del Toro is an accomplished business entrepreneur and award-winning Film Director, Producer, and Actor. As the President & CEO of Deisi Del Toro Productions, she leads a dynamic film production company catering to the Film, TV, and Advertising industries. Deisi, who is the niece of the celebrated three-time Academy Award Winner Guillermo Del Toro, is driven to make Florida the premier destination for filmmakers worldwide through her initiative, the Follywood Film Festival. This festival aims to spotlight Florida as a top choice for filmmaking and awards, providing significant opportunities for both global and local talent.


In addition to her achievements in film, Deisi has ventured into business with her brand of Tequila, "Tequila Del Toro," and a line of Avocados. She is also an active investor in technology, financing, and agave farming, diversifying her business interests and demonstrating her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

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