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Carlos Navarro

Carlos Alberto Navarro’s 23-year entertainment career spans the media spectrum, from radio, television, and film to commercials, video games, and stand-up comedy.


As an actor, he has had roles in some of entertainment’s biggest cultural phenomena, including 'Bloodline,' 'The Walking Dead' (one of the most-watched cable TV series in history), 'Red Dead Redemption II,' 'Madden NFL 20,' ‘The Outsider,’ ‘Identity Thief,’ ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,’ and Marvel's 'Hawkeye' miniseries on Disney+, where he played the villainous role of Enrique in the Tracksuit Mafia.

Carlos is one of few actors to have been part of both "The Walking Dead" and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, two juggernaut comic book movie franchises.

In 2023, Carlos and the entire hosting team at the “Monsters in the Morning” were named to TALKERS magazine’s list of the “100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America” – a.k.a. “The Heavy Hundred.”

Carlos's mantra is "To the top, never stop!"


But he wasn't always on top. His "mugshot to Marvel" journey to becoming a successful radio personality, multi-talented actor, comedian, personal development coach, and devoted husband and father is a real-life story of personal and professional transformation and redemption filled with lessons that he hopes inspire others create the change they want to see in their life. 

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On the air through his "To the Top!" motivational segments on "The Monsters" and by sharing his “what-worked-for-me” personal development practices and life lessons based on his “mugshot to Marvel” experiences, Carlos's goal is always to uplift, get you energized and in a good mood, AND make you laugh and think.

Two websites, one man visit Carlos at for acting and for personal development.