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Russ Rollins

Russ Ray Rollins, a.k.a. "Triple R," is the host and creator of "The Monsters in the Morning." Russ humbly began his radio career in 1993 by purchasing an hour of time on a small AM signal in Orlando, Florida. The show was called “Party Talk with Russ and Bo” and was used to promote his party business.

Since those early days, he has taken his show from WGTO-AM to iHeartRadio's Real Radio 104.1 FM, creating the "hottest talk show in the land," the powerhouse and institution that is "The Monsters in the Morning."


The show is a mainstay in morning radio in Central Florida, assembling a string of #1 ratings that have been unmatched in the history of Orlando radio.

For several years running, Russ has been named to TALKERS magazine’s list of the “100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America” – a.k.a. “The Heavy Hundred," solidifying his status as not only a household name in Central Florida, but a legend in the world of radio that has spanned a remarkable 30-year career. The show has transformed the Orlando radio and media landscape with its unique comedy variety show blend of humor, off-the-wall discussions on everything under the Florida sun, and interviews with some of the top names in entertainment.

Beyond the airwaves, Russ is quick to give back to the community that has given so much to him, from countless charitable initiatives and fundraisers to supporting local businesses and organizations. In 1998, Russ founded the "Kicks 4 Guns" program, an annual "no questions asked" gun buy-back program. Since it's founding, "Kicks 4 Guns" has collected thousands unwanted firearms, removing them from the streets.

In 2022, Russ and entire The Monsters cast collaborated with Winter Park Distilling Company to create a single barrel whiskey called Majestic Monster Whiskey, which flew off the shelves and was served at dozens of dining establishments around Orlando.  And available now: "RRR" Whiskey.

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In addition to iHeart's Real Radio 104.1, Russ and "The Monsters" can be heard nationally on the iHeartRadio app, all podcast streaming platforms, and LIVE daily from 6AM to 11AM on YouTube.

In 2023, Russ celebrates 30 years on the air, a rare feat in an ever-changing broadcasting terrain, and a testament to his big top circus ringmaster ability to entertain and guide listeners through a "theater of the mind" experience, his innate, talent scout-like knack for finding cast members and performers who connect with audiences, and enduring love for the power and influence of radio.

Radio broadcasting fads come and go, but throughout his illustrious, wildly successful, three decades-long career, one voice has outlasted them all — RRR.​