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Savannah Boan

In addition to being a longtime personality and fan favorite on "The Monsters," Savannah Boan is one of Florida’s most passionate and influential voices for the protection of alligators, crocodiles and Florida wildlife, and a leading crocodilian advocate within the global wildlife conservation community.

Savannah is the Crocodilian Enrichment Coordinator at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida – “The Alligator Capital of the World” – a 125-acre theme park, wildlife preserve, and the leader in alligator safety and education since 1949, drawing millions of visitors across the world annually and home to more than 2,500 alligators and crocodiles. She is the International Ambassador for Gatorland Global, created in 2018 as Gatorland’s conservation arm.  

A fun-loving, fearless, platinum blonde force-to-be-reckoned-with, she is the foremost female at the park who is hands-on with some of the biggest reptiles on the planet.


Savannah has traveled the world lending her thorough knowledge and extensive expertise with other alligator and crocodile conservation advocacy groups and organizations.

Savannah has been named to the top of Orlando Weekly's "Best of Orlando" Readers Poll numerous times, including as best "Local Legend," "Best Swamp Girl," "Best Local Big Shot Who's Not an Elected Official," and "Best Local Influencer."

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Along with Gatorland, she brings more than 25 years of entertainment experience, including her popularity as a radio personality on “The Monsters."

With hundreds of thousands of followers and dedicated fans across all social media stages, Savannah uses her influence and “Queen of Gators” celebrity and platform to spotlight these reptiles’ incredible behavior, anatomy, and ecology, and change negative perceptions of alligators and crocodiles as creatures to be feared and reviled.  

Visit Savannah at

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